26 ~ A new album in town! Austin Fine Art Boudoir Photography

For a while now I've had this nagging feeling that the JNB album collection wasn't quite complete, and now I am so happy to report I've added a fabulous 10x10 to the offerings! She rounds them out quite nicely, and serves perfectly for the lady who'd like to pack a little extra punch with her boudoir gift.  Go big or go home, right?! Welcome to the family, you gorgeous album, you!

See our last product spotlight post here for a little more info on our signature albums. See you around here next time! :)

20 ~ Product Spotlight: Signature Albums

It's a funny day and age for photography, you know. Photographs used to be a tangible thing... there was the camera, there was the film, there was the dark room, and there was the printed photo. Now, in the age of digital-everything, photos get lost. They're a dime a dozen - at our fingertips at every moment via our cell phones and relatively cheap point-and-shoot cameras and that-friend-who's-a-photographer. Decent photos are so accessible that they pile up on us in digital form, and ultimately they become lost. Old news. Forgotten about. Buried in the digital trail we leave behind us daily.

And that is exactly what I'd like to avoid for my clients, and why I set my business up the way I do. Every J. Noel Boudoir client chooses from my beautiful product line of tangible, well-thought-out pieces meant to safe-guard and display your images.  The most popular product for boudoir is an album, and I am so proud of our offerings in this department.

Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be featuring the various products offered to J. Noel clients, and telling a bit about each!  Today I'll begin with our signature boudoir album...

Our signature lay-flat albums are your choice of leather or linen (swatch colors available), and made with beautiful photographic paper that is expertly matched and colored to our edits. Pages are thick and sturdy, and the book just feels GOOD in your hands. Lastly, it is is presented in a beautiful linen box, perfect for gifting and storing.

Check back later for more product spotlights! See you back here soon. :)