Vol 41 ~ Faceless Lady ~ Austin Boudoir Photographer

This gorgeous thing flew in from out of state for a J. Noel Boudoir session... talk about an HONOR! We had such a fabulous shoot, and she was willing to release a few faceless photos. Here's the tiniest peek - the tip of the iceberg, if you will! This one was model material, for SURE. 

Vol 37 ~ Dancer ~ Austin Boudoir

This lovely lady, who shall remain faceless, is a dancer... and ooooh how I enjoy photographing dancers! They tend to be so graceful and effortlessly sexy.

Here's just a taste...

Vol 34 ~ Curve ~ Boudoir Studio Austin TX

I am so beyond excited to share more from this gorgeous thing's boudoir session. She gave me free reign to share any of her photos, and then I died of happiness a little. More coming SOON! :)

32 ~ HAPPY FRIDAY ~ Tasteful Boudoir Photography in Austin, TX

Happy Friday, lovelies. 

29 ~ A boudoir birthday gift ~ Boudoir Photography Austin Texas

This beautiful and impossibly sweet girl came to me for a boudoir birthday gift for her guy, but also a gift for herself. It's pretty awesome how it always winds up working that way, even if you feel you're doing the shoot for someone else. The word "empowering" gets thrown around a lot in the context of boudoir photography, but cliche as it may be, these sessions truly are just that. Empowering. To realize that we regular ol' women can feel just as beautiful as those so-called Perfect 10s in the magazines. To embrace our imperfections and highlight our best features. To get all dolled up and just have a darn good time doing something luxurious and a little scary and a lot awesome.

Here's just a sprinkling of photos from this pretty lady's boudoir shoot! Enjoy!