My Boudoir Story ~ Austin Boudoir Photographer

I have loved boudoir photography ever since I realized it was "a thing," and that it could be done in such an unobtrusive, soft, and sensuous way.  I remember the first boudoir session I shot like it was yesterday, and how electrified I felt afterwards - in a good way!  Making women feel beautiful and capturing art-in-human-form on camera is a thrill for me, and of course a thrill for my clients, too - to see themselves in that light. 

I always encourage and hope that each and every one of the ladies I work with will allow me to share at least a handful of their images, for purposes of building and updating my portfolio, of course, but also as a service to other women - to show them it can be done by regular people (!) and it can be FUN and it can be thrilling and empowering and wonderful and BEAUTIFUL!  It gives other ladies ideas, allows them a peek into the process, and gives them confidence in my ability to capture them well.

But I recently realized that I've been a bit of a hypocrite, because I've never shared any of my own boudoir photos, or told my own story. So I'm here to do that today!

I worked with the amazing Brittney of Smitten Imagery on a fabulous boudoir shoot at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell, my favorite place on Earth (I cannot impress upon you enough how gorgeous this place is for a boudoir shoot!). We made a little getaway/overnight stay of it, and it was honestly some of the most fun I've ever had. We shot in our beautiful room for a couple of hours, then took the party outside to the fields at sunset (a little more from our weekend here on my personal blog!). The next morning we were treated to a home cooked breakfast and surrounded by that perfect vintage-y, shabby chic aesthetic that speaks to my spirit like no other style of design (I know, I know, I am being cheesy! But it's true!)  The whole thing was just fabulous.

But like most girls, I was a bundle of nerves leading up to the shoot. I've always been shy about my own body. I was the girl that went into the restroom stall to change instead of stripping down in front of my friends after gym class. The human body in its bare form doesn't bother me or make me uncomfortable when it's someone else, but stripping down to my own underthings in front of someone, and perhaps more importantly, in front of a camera? That's something else altogether. 

So yes, I was super anxious in the hours leading up to the shoot, but as soon as we got started? Nerves GONE. And that's usually how it goes. I encourage my clients to try their best not to fret. As soon as we get started, anxiety melts away, and before you know it, you're having fun in front of the camera and totally rocking it, I might add. That was my experience with my own shoot. I wondered why I had worried at all.

If you're on the fence about a boudoir shoot, let my story serve as inspiration!  It's OK to be nervous or apprehensive, and it's OK to not have the perfect body. I will absolutely advise you on the most flattering outfits for your body type, and of course angles and lighting are key, too. Don't hesitate to schedule your session due to insecurity or fear (who knows - it may be just the thing you need for motivation to whip into shape! I exercised more in the month leading up to my shoot that I think in my whole life before or after it - ha!) ;)

Here's a few more images from my own session. Thanks again to Brittney of Smitten Imagery for being so utterly fabulous! 

6 ~ Sixty & Stunning ~ Austin Boudoir Photographer

I'm probably a wee bit biased on this one, but biased or not, this woman is stunning. She happens to be my mother-in-law, and we took a quick trip to the Prairie for a nice little getaway and some fun with photography. Can you believe she turns 60 this weekend? I can't either. File that away in the category of "black holes, huh?" "how do airplanes stay up," and other things I can't even wrap my head around.

Boudoir photography doesn't always necessarily have to involve lingerie. There's a whole other branch of boudoir called beauty photography, which simply celebrates the beauty of a woman, no occasion and no being-scantily-clad necessary. We did a little of each in this session, and I am so proud to show off a few images.


3 ~ Boudoir Photography at The Prairie ~ Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

If you hadn't heard, there's a little piece of shabby chic heaven-on-Earth in Round Top, TX called the Prairie by Rachel Ashwell, and it is unequivocally my favorite place to be in the great state of Texas - I can't even begin to describe how perfect it is for boudoir photography, too, and I have had the great pleasure of working here a couple of times.

Who will be my next taker for a dreamy boudoir shoot at the Prairie? Bring a friend along and make it an overnight getaway... (oh, why certainly! I'd be glad to be the friend you bring along... ;)