Vol 47 ~ A Classic Beauty ~ Austin Texas Boudoir Photography

Every now and then a client comes along and takes your breath away because they so perfectly embody the message and the style you, as the photographer & artist, would like to convey with your work. This incredibly lovely woman was just that client. Not only did she come with armfuls of lacy, classy, feminine outfits I could have chosen for her myself, but she also came all the way from NORTH CAROLINA just for a J. Noel Boudoir shoot. Flattering, much? Umm, YES!

I am still on a high from this shoot, weeks later. So excited to share a few favorites here today...

Vol 41 ~ Faceless Lady ~ Austin Boudoir Photographer

This gorgeous thing flew in from out of state for a J. Noel Boudoir session... talk about an HONOR! We had such a fabulous shoot, and she was willing to release a few faceless photos. Here's the tiniest peek - the tip of the iceberg, if you will! This one was model material, for SURE. 

Vol 37 ~ Dancer ~ Austin Boudoir

This lovely lady, who shall remain faceless, is a dancer... and ooooh how I enjoy photographing dancers! They tend to be so graceful and effortlessly sexy.

Here's just a taste...

32 ~ HAPPY FRIDAY ~ Tasteful Boudoir Photography in Austin, TX

Happy Friday, lovelies. 

31 ~ In the details ~ Fine Art Boudoir Photographer Austin Texas

My clients' privacy is always my number one concern, meaning I never pressure any of my ladies to allow me to share their images. Some give permission to share all or almost all of their photos (in which case I squeal and jump for joy!), and others allow me to share a few "detail" or body shots from their session, like the lovely lady featured below. She was truly so photogenic, kind, and wonderful to work with... the rest of her shoot seriously knocked it outta the park. ;) Here's just a tiny peek!