Vol 43 ~ Boudoir Photographer Austin Texas

She's pretty stunning, no? Loved working with this bombshell of a girl...

29 ~ A boudoir birthday gift ~ Boudoir Photography Austin Texas

This beautiful and impossibly sweet girl came to me for a boudoir birthday gift for her guy, but also a gift for herself. It's pretty awesome how it always winds up working that way, even if you feel you're doing the shoot for someone else. The word "empowering" gets thrown around a lot in the context of boudoir photography, but cliche as it may be, these sessions truly are just that. Empowering. To realize that we regular ol' women can feel just as beautiful as those so-called Perfect 10s in the magazines. To embrace our imperfections and highlight our best features. To get all dolled up and just have a darn good time doing something luxurious and a little scary and a lot awesome.

Here's just a sprinkling of photos from this pretty lady's boudoir shoot! Enjoy!

25 ~ Beautiful Maternity Boudoir ~ Austin, Texas Boudoir Photography

The human body is such an amazing, amazing thing. The fact that we women make room inside of us to grow a new human and begin the trajectory of what will be a whole life is insane and wonderful. Maternity boudoir is my favorite. Such a beautiful, joyful thing. It makes me happy to hear when husbands find their wives so extra sexy at this time. A pregnant belly is the ultimate curve, is it not? 

Here's a few of this lovely lady, who chose not to reveal her face, but so generously shared a few of that beautiful bump. Enjoy...

5 ~ Austin TX Maternity Boudoir Photographer

This week in the studio I had the opportunity to photograph this incredibly lovely lady and her beautiful bump. Maternity boudoir is most definitely a favorite of mine. There's just something about that baby belly curve! Here's one sweet image from our session...

Austin Maternity Boudoir

Are you expecting? Contact me here to schedule your own maternity boudoir session (or just a regular maternity session, if you're more comfortable with that). I absolutely love capturing the beauty of expectant mamas, and look forward to hearing from you!