24 ~ Model Material ~ Classy Austin, Texas Boudoir Photography

When this gorgeous girl showed up to the studio, my jaw just about hit the floor. Stunningly beautiful in the most unobtrusive way, tall as a runway model, and just incredibly sweet to top it all off. Boudoir photography is certainly for every woman, and you don't need to look like a super model to pull off a killer boudoir shoot, but HEY. If you DO look like a super model? Well, that's just a nice little bonus, now isn't it?! 

I had so much fun photographing this pretty lady. She took me up on a Valentine's Day Mini session, and she gifted her guy with a little treasure box of mounted prints. Rumor has it he was pretty thrilled. Here's just a peek! 

PS - Today's post features a couple of our gorgeous vintage slips - a growing collection available to all J. Noel Boudoir clients!

PPS - Makeup by Jennifer with Hues of Beauty