17 ~ A woman's worth ~ Austin TX Boudoir Photographer

Why do I love boudoir photography? I allow this question to tumble around in my mind from time to time - not because I don't know the answer (intrinsically I do), but because I'm always attempting to put the answer to words (though usually I fall short). 

I think, though, that the answer has to do with a woman's worth. A woman is constantly being fed messages about how she probably doesn't measure up. To the mother she should be, to the body she should have, to the expectation of men and even other women. But a boudoir session is about all the ways you DO measure up. Just the way you are. It's about capturing beauty in a way that you can understand it and see it and feel it. It's a beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one, not just in its tangible form (a lovely album, a secret flash drive, a piece of canvas artwork tucked away behind his clothes), but just as importantly in its intangible form. The confidence you take away from your shoot. The seeing-yourself-in-a-new-way. The sensuality you feel, and the power that brings you. It's good. It's aaaalll good.

This beautiful woman gave birth to her first child, a daughter, just FOUR MONTHS before this shoot. She felt the session was something she needed to do, for both her husband AND her baby girl, because a healthy marriage and happy husband is a gift for your children, too. One of the most important gifts. That's not to say boudoir photos will fix everything that ails a marriage, but it sure doesn't hurt, amiright?!

This gorgeous lady literally lit up like the sun when she saw her images for the first time. And THAT is why I love boudoir photography. It helps us get closer to our worth. Helps us realize that it's been there all along.