9 ~ Austin Texas Boudoir Photographer

This stunning lady booked a somewhat last-minute session with me before taking off on a romantic trip to NORWAY to elope with her now-husband (so dreamy, right?!), so we didn't have time to meet up for the usual coffee date/consultation before her shoot. When she showed up to the studio on the day of her session, my jaw about hit the floor - STUN.NER. And I may or may not have peed my pants a little when she said I could pretty much use any of her photos online. I am way too excited to share her gorgeous images - because this session is a perfect example of what J. Noel Boudoir is all about. It's an Experience and a Celebration of loveliness and light and heck yeah, a celebration of SEXY! I'm pretty sure her hubs had no complaints getting THESE for his wedding gift.

Also, I may be weird, but I often tend to associate each of my clients with a song... and this one happens to be a favorite of mine right now, and sort of perfectly goes along with this lovely lady's world-wide travels of late. You should probably listen to it while you check out her beautiful images. ;)
(sorry if you're on a smart phone, but I think you can only listen on a desktop or laptop!)

Now here's the part where I reign myself in and try not to post every single photo from her shoot!