Hi there, I'm Jenni - the brains and shutter-finger behind this little operation! Noel is my middle name, and that's Noel like the Christmas song, not like the old man name... if you were wondering! ;) 

A few fast facts about me...

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+ I am 100% passionate about my job - yep, one of THOSE people. I feel privileged every day to call Photography my profession. 

+ Interestingly, though, all this was born from my love for writing. I used to run an Austin life & style blog which is where my interest in photography grew from a little seed to what it is today.

+ I also run a non-boudoir portrait business here, if you care to take a peek!

+ My precious daughter Pippa James was born December 15th, 2015, and I find she now drives every single thing that I do, in the best of ways...

+ I love the smell of coffee. I love the sound of rain. I love to be home with my family, drinking in every moment with my baby girl. I love PEOPLE and getting to know them and what makes them tick. I'm so grateful for a job that allows me to meet such amazing ladies and families and be a small part in preserving their memories. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.


+ My goal is to make boudoir approachable to all women, and my desire is for each and every woman I photograph to see herself through my eyes, through my lens. I only see art and I only see beauty. I don't change you. I just see you. And I hope to help you see you, too.



Every boudoir photographer brings a different style to the table, and mine is light, sensuous, and soft - I am drawn to neutral palettes, feminine textures, all-natural lighting, and images that whisper sexy instead of screaming it. I love to shoot in my studio space, but I also love to work on-location at boutique hotels or bed & breakfasts that fit the J. Noel Boudoir aesthetic. I have a running list of places I love to shoot, so get in touch and we'll get to planning your big day behind the camera! Can't wait to meet you.




Check out the FAQ page for your questions answered, Step-By-Step page for info on the process,  Investment page for pricing details, and contact me HERE with your questions or to book your experience.

Thanks for stopping by...